The Essential Guide to Garage Door Opener Repair & Services

Garage door openers are the most important component of a door system that ensures sufficient functioning. When a single system component fails, it may hardly impact the overall performance of a garage door. Still, when your garage door needs to respond appropriately, you may quickly conclude that you need garage door repair service, but this differs in several garage doors. 

Sometimes, the solution may only be fixed with a simple troubleshooting methodology and to repair or replace the garage door opener. This blog will explain several garage door opener problems and their sure-shot solutions. Keep on reading. 

All about Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is an automated device installed in residential and commercial garage door systems. Its general objective is to open and close the garage door. Moreover, it offers better results, security, and convenience by permitting users to open and close the garage door with a simple push button or remote. 

Different types of Garage Door openers 

Garage door openers are classified into different categories: 

Chain drive openers

These are the most frequent and cost-effective garage door openers. A metal chain pulls or pushes the door along a track.

Belt drive openers

These are quieter than chain drive openers because they use a rubber or fiberglass belt instead of a chain.

Screw-drive openers

For lifting the door, these openers employ a threaded steel rod. They are relatively silent and require little upkeep.

Direct drive openers

These openers, also known as jackshaft openers, are installed on the wall beside the garage door and use a motor to turn the door’s torsion spring immediately. They are quiet and excellent for garages with low ceilings.

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Most Common Garage Door Opener Problems and its Solutions 

Does your garage door opener not operate? This is due to numerous reasons, some of which are explained below: 

  • The Photo Eye Sensor is Blocked

One of the Safety features of a garage door system is photo eye sensors. It has an automated sensor to detect any obstructions and will protect the door from closing to minimize the chances of any source of damage and injury. If the photosensor is blocked, the garage door will not close properly. To tackle this error, follow these steps: 

  1. Look for the garage doorway to be free from any possible obstruction.
  2. Inspect the photo eye sensors to ensure the LED light is turned on. If only one of them is illuminated, it is possible that the other was relocated inadvertent. Use your hand to manipulate the sensor.
  3. In the next move, it’s better to see the sensors placed at the appropriate height and adjust accordingly. 
  4. Also, ensure the sensors are at the correct height (6 inches above the ground) and make necessary adjustments.
  5. If the garage door is still not working properly, inspect the cabling leading to the photo eyes to ensure it is not bent. If the garage door still does not work properly, seek assistance from a company to get a garage door opener repair service

  • The Garage Remote Control is not Working. 

Your garage door remote control is not working properly for numerous reasons: Battery error and more.  

  • Loose Garage Door Cables 

The garage door system completely depends on cables to open and close the garage door system. So when cables become broken or loose, it interfaces with the efficiency of the Garage Door. This is because springs hold a lot of pressure and tension due to the weight of garage doors. 


Because cables can break or become loose due to human error, it is critical to ensure that you operate your garage door properly to avoid destruction and promote safety. Garage door cables are built to endure significant strain. One of the most prevalent causes of cable failure is friction with metal parts or corrosion. To troubleshoot, get professional help.

  • Sensitivity needs Improvement

Your Garage Door has a key feature that allows you to adjust the power to open and close the door. It’s a safety feature; it will not close properly if something happens in the garage door’s path. That sensitivity needs to be altered accordingly to asses that your garage door exerts too much or a little bit during opening and closing. 

Perform these metrics for hassle-free garage door system functionality.

  1. The foremost thing you should do is disconnect the power socket.
  2. Inspect the sensitivity adjustment screw, as it will show you which way to turn the screw to adjust the force to close the garage door. 
  3. Make sure you adjust the sensitivity screws, not the limit adjustment screws. 

Final Thoughts! 

A garage door opener is essential for the efficient functioning of the garage door, but with time, it requires maintenance and repair services. This blog has explained several garage door opener problems and their key solutions. Also, the blog gives an overview of garage door repair services. If you want satisfactory garage door opener repair in Colorado Springs, Don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Garage Door Repair Colorado Springs